Franzis FOCUS projects 5 professional 5.34.03722 + Rus

Franzis FOCUS projects 5 professional 5.34.03722 + Rus

С помощью Franzis FOCUS projects вы можете использовать серию экспозиции для создания изображения с фантастической глубиной, и где даже самый маленький объект находится в четком фокусе по всей длине (фронт-бэк-фокус). Чем меньше сфотографированный объект и меньшее расстояние, тем более узкая область фокуса.

Особенно с полноразмерной камерой это поле фокуса может составить меньше чем миллиметр. Решение проблемы: сфотографируйте объект с помощью нескольких разнообразных фокальных плоскостей, и FOCUS projects professional легко соберет фотографии вместе — все с предельной скоростью и точностью.

Then the professional version of FOCUS projects 5 is just right for you:
- Load focus stacks from videos!
- Stacks with up to 1,500 sharpness levels can be used
- 81 professional presets for quick and successful results
- Batch processing for developing dozen of macro photos at the same time
- Plug-in for Adobe Lightroom® Classic for easy integration into your usual workflow

NEW: Extended DiamondCut technology
A new sharpening process was developed for the focus fusion FOCUS projects 5 professional: The blurring is now done in much more detail. This makes the results significantly more accurate!

NEW: PSF color, PSF luminance / brightness
Two brand new stacking algorithms are used in FOCUS projects 5 professional: PSF color and PSF luminance / brightness (PSF = point spread function), which were developed explicitly for multiple recordings of the same focus points and thus enable integrated noise reduction through new stacking.

Significance check of your focus range!
Which individual images really help, which are more likely to disturb the total work of art? FOCUS projects 5 professional analyzes the individual images of your focus row fully automatically and now even faster. The images that are not necessary for the calculation of the overall image are sorted out, thus avoiding errors.

FOCUS projects 5 professional:
Perfect your macros: the sharpest details with the new features of the top-class focus stacking software FOCUS projects 5 professional.
- NEW: Complete revision of the user interface for 4k Ultra HD
- NEW: Focus peaking module for displaying focused areas
- NEW: Additional HSV / HSL color spaces in the grain module
- NEW: Invite focus stacks from videos
- NEW: 24 new effects in expert mode
- Up to 1500 sharpness levels
- Focus stacking algorithms: 12
- Presets: 81
- RAW development module
- SCA process for the finest color details
- Color toning module
- Correction of scratches and sensor errors
- Selective Drawing: Smart mode for drawable effects
- Intelligent automatic image optimizer
- Batch processing
- 3D functions: three-axis rotation, 3D lighting
- Export as a website, video or 3D VRML object
- For RAW, TIFF, JPEG and almost all image formats

Franzis FOCUS projects 5 professional 5.34.03722 + Rus

Год: 2021
: Windows 10/8/8.1/7 (x64)
Интерфейс: ML + Русский
Лекарство: в комплекте
Размер: 142.3 Мб

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