Hugin 2020.0.0 Portable

Hugin 2020.0.0 Portable

Hugin 2020.0.0 Portable|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x64)|rar|33.5 mb

Hugin Portable, портативная утилита для обработки графики и получения панорамных изображений.
Although it comes bundled with many dedicated parameters, it sports a clean and straightforward layout that allows you to create panoramas in several steps. The program works with the following file formats: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, HDR, and EXR, and lets you pick the lens type and set up the dedicated parameters related to the horizontal field of view (HFOV). Images can be uploaded into the working environment using the browse function or “drag and drop” operations. The built-in panorama editor bundles several tools, which help you apply masks, insert control points, crop photos, and pick the projection mode (e.g. Cylindrical, Fisheye, Orthographic, Rectilinear).
Hugin - Panorama Stitcher gives you the possibility to align images for optimizing their position, preview the panorama, change the background color, choose the viewing mode (centre, fit, or straighten), as well as apply auto-cropping operations.
The utility offers support for batch processing, which means you can stitch multiple projects, and allows you to install plugins for enhancing the functionality of the application.
During our testing we have noticed that the program provides very good image quality, and no errors showed up throughout the entire process. However, it eats up CPU and memory, so the overall performance of the computer may be affected.
To sum it up, Hugin - Panorama Stitcher comes packed with a handy set of parameters but the layout is not quite intuitive, so rookies may spend some time trying to configure the dedicated parameters.

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